Star of the Sea Assembly 675

Meetings held 4th Wednesday of the Month at 7 pm.

669 Avenue C. Bayonne, NJ 07002

Carlton Rhodes

Faithful Navigator's Message

Worthy Brothers, We will be having our Knight of Honors Dinner Dance on October 23rd In the Main Room from 7- 11pm. Ticket Cost will be 65 dollars and 1/2 price ages 4-11. Our Color Corps is currently recruiting members. Come be the visible arm of the Knights, have I mentioned you get a sword! September 11th we will be attending the memorial service at the Tear Drop Memorial down at the MOTBY at 7 pm, please make every effort to attend. The next Exemplification of the 4th Degree is Sunday November 21st at 12 noon any 3rd Degree member wishing to join the Fourth Degree, please contact me or Anthony Forino for a Member Form.

2021/2022 Fraternal Year Officers

Faithful Friar - Father Phillip Sanders

Faithful Navigator - Carlton Rhodes

Faithful Captain - Anthony Forino

Faithful Pilot - Leonard Cheshul

Faithful Admiral - Jack Vida PFN.

Faithful Purser - Harold F Delaney III FDD. PGK. PFN.

Faithful Inner Sentinel - John Norris

Faithful Outer Sentinel - Robert Halsey

3 Year Trustee - Joe Pinero

2 Year Trustee - Mike Policastro